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Essential Essence Presents Mona ee Bodycare Line

Nickie January 20, 2012 No Comments
Essential Essence Presents Mona ee Bodycare Line

On December 17, 2011 I had the pleasure of attending the official launch party of  Essential Essence Lifestyle Spa’s Mona ee bodycare line. Mona ee stands for Mona Essential Essence.  Here’s how the owner Ava Pinkard describes this line:

“An all natural lifestyle product line that features ingredients that feed your mind, body and spirit.  All products are made with love and natural ingredients from mother earth, and wisdom from our mother’s vanity.  Mona ee delivers the ingredients necessary for your body to function properly, and for you to achieve beauty and wellness while balancing your lifestyle. Mona  ee was created in honor of my mother who was the corner stone of Essential Essence.  The lifestyle product line is a reflection of her and so many other mothers.”

The product lines includes:

Rejoice Spa Body Rituals ~ Uplifting

Refreshing Body Polish, Energizing Body Wash, Rejuvenating Body Butter

 Revive Spa Body Rituals~ Replenishing

Nourishing Body Wash, Revitalizing Body Exfoliant, Replenishing Body Butter

Renew Spa Body Rituals~Restoring/Detoxifying

Detox Body Masque, Foaming Body Scrub, Restoring Body Oil

Retreat Spa Body Rituals~Relaxing

Calming Bath Tea, Relaxing Body Bar, Soothing Body Butter


Check out Essential Essence’s blog to keep up with the spa’s happenings.



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