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Product Review: Queen Helene Curl Shaping Creme

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Last week I went home to visit my parents, and while snooping through my mom’s never-ending collection of hair products (I blame her for my product junkieism), I came across a cute jar of product called Royal Curl Curl Shaping Creme by Queen Helene. When I opened the jar, the consistency was more like a gel than a creme. That minor detail didn’t stop me from testing it out  on my twist out the same night. I used Cantu’s Leave-In  for moisture then coated each to-be twist with a nickel sized amount of shaping creme. As is my custom, I slept on the twists then took them down the next morning. And whoa, talk about definition without the crunch!  I read some reviewers complaining of crunchy hair, but it may have been due to overapplying and/or not using it with another product because my hair was shiny, moisturized, and soft!  I will definitely be purchasing a jar of my own and using again.

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