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Do You Work Out Around Your Natural Hair?

Nickie August 7, 2012 No Comments
Do You Work Out Around Your Natural Hair?

As we all know, having natural hair is a lot of work. Do you schedule your natural hair salon appointments around your gym schedule? We asked celebrity trainer, Kevin A. Bellinger M.S CPT, to give us some workout tips which reap great results with minimum sweat due to the anaerobic nature of the activities.  He guarantees that if you follow his personal training tips, you will be out of the gym in a reasonable time and get a good workout:

1. If you’re looking to build muscles and build strength, hitting multiple fibers by increasing the weight and decreasing reps is the way to go. High reps and light weight is fine if your working on muscular endurance but if you have limited time to workout, doing 20 reps of bicep curls is a waste of time. Same goes for cardio, staying near 85% of your max heart rate, you can accomplish more for your fitness.

2. Not having a plan, you can find yourself wandering more than exercising. I you don’t have a trainer become your own, write 8-10 exercises down before you head in. Write down alternate exercises if certain machines are taken. Think of plan in advance and stick to it.

3. Improper exercise technique not only poses a greater risk of injury to muscles and joints, it also wastes your time. You may be thinking you’re strengthening one muscle when in fact you are straining another or stressing a joint.

4. If you always use the same piece of equipment, your body will become adept at that type of exercise, instead, mix it up.

5. To avoid such time-wasting, rest only 30 to 90 seconds between strength exercises. To maximize time, alternate a set of exercises for your biceps with a set for triceps. That allows you to shorten the rest interval in between, while one muscle group is working, the opposing group is getting active recovery.

Remember hair is important, but fitness is more important!

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