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#Natural Hair Tweets of the Week 8/13-8/17

Nickie August 18, 2012 No Comments
#Natural Hair Tweets of the Week 8/13-8/17

Check out this week’s tweets that made us laugh, smile, or say “hmm”.


@Diddy_xo I believe ppl look at it differently if your #naturalhair is long and down your back than in a short baby fro…


@1_Queen_Sy_Hair Nourishing urself from the INSIDE w/plant-based foods, sets the stage for #naturalhair that’s #healthyhair. #naturalhaircare 101!!!


@TiffyStacey Just saw some guy with finger coils lol #naturalhair


@RadBrownBeauty You know you’re hair obsessed when u check out every woman’s hair passing by wondering if they have #naturalhair too


@LolasGreenHair Unlike a bank, those products under your sink aren’t drawing interest… http://t.co/IYt1WVGd #naturalhair

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