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The Ricki Lake Show is Looking For You…A Casting Call for Your Hair!

Mareissa November 28, 2012 No Comments
The Ricki Lake Show is Looking For You…A Casting Call for Your Hair!

The Ricki Lake show is currently casting for an episode for all things HAIR!! Weather natural, straight, curly, kinky, locked, short, or long. Even real and fake, The Ricki Lake show is looking for you! To be more specific, here are some details of what the producers are looking for:

  • Do you love your hair au natural but your man hates it? Does he prefer you with a weave or a wig? Is your hair causing tension in your relationship?
  •   Do you spend tons of money on your hair? Do you hide the high costs of your hair care because it creates conflict with your mate? If you’re worried the truth could ruin your relationship?
  • Does your teen constantly change his/her hair? Is it driving you nuts, creating conflict and hurting your relationship? Would you do anything to get your son/daughter a tasteful hair style?
  • Are you obsessed with your hair? Do you feel incomplete unless your hair is perfectly styled?  Do you refuse to leave the house if you’re having a bad hair day?
  • Do you hate your hair? Have you been humiliated by its condition? Has it been colored and bleached into oblivion? Do you want to change your look but can’t afford a new do? Would you do anything to have good hair?
Do any of these relate to you?  Don’t miss this opportunity! Go to The Ricki Lake Show website for more information.

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