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The Benefits of Natural Oils For Hair and Skin

Mareissa December 3, 2012 No Comments
The Benefits of Natural Oils For Hair and Skin

There are various types of natural oils for hair and skin that offer a lot of benefits.During the brisk endings of fall and upon entering the cold harsh winter, our hair and skin can result in minor to excessive dryness. Here are a few natural oils that do wonders:

Olive Oil- Yes! Aside from cooking, olive oil is an all purpose oil that can be used as a great hair and skin moisturizer. In addition to adding shine, olive oil can also be used as an hot oil treatment for hair and an added in staple to your skin moisturizing products.

Coconut Oil- This oil is a great moisturizer for your hair and skin. Coconut oil can also be used as a styling agent as well as sunblock for the skin. Abstract from other oils, coconut oil comes in solid form. The solidity basically contains extra tiny molecules of fat, so that the oil absorbs easily and quickly.

Jojoba Oil-Another all purpose oil, jojoba does wonders for your scalp and skin. This odorless and non-greasy product can be massaged into the scalp or used to treat skin irritations. As a deep cleansing oil, jojoba oil can unclog pores on the skin and hair follicles in the scalp (world of hair).

Almond Oil- Although it is best suited for the skin, this oil is a great moisturizer which helps re-build elasticity in the skin. Almond oil also softens hands, and makes a great mix in for mask and facial treatments.



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