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How to Enjoy Pregnancy

Nickie February 22, 2014 No Comments
How to Enjoy Pregnancy

I admit that I was terrified of pregnancy.  I viewed 9 months of pregnancy as a prison sentence.  Childbirth seemed like the most painful experience, one that I wanted to avoid for as long as possible.  When I found out that I was pregnant, I cried because every pregnant woman that I have encountered seemed so miserable, and I would have to endure the same misery.

First of all, pregnancy typically lasts for 10 months.  I have no idea why women who have never been pregnant think it lasts exactly nine months.  Nature would like for you to carry your baby for at least 40 weeks but some women are pregnant for less or more time.  It really depends on the woman and other factors.

I never experienced morning sickness during pregnancy.  In the morning, I drank ginger tea and ginger ale throughout the day.  I also ate every two hours during my first and second trimester.  Of course, I did not consume big meals every two hours, but ate snacks like nuts, fruit, and protein shakes between breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

To avoid fatigue, I continued my workout regimen until my ninth month of pregnancy.  I enjoyed weight lifting, Soul Cycle, yoga, the elliptical trainer, and running until I was six months pregnant. As a result, I was energized and gained weight slowly (I gained approximately 20 pounds)

Socially, I continued to live my life – just without cocktails and caffeine.  I worked the same amount of hours and hung out with my friends, coworkers, and husband until I gave birth.

Pregnancy can be an enjoyable experience but you have to eat well, exercise, and think positive. Most importantly, your fitness level pre-pregnancy will improve your chances of having an enjoyable pregnancy.

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