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#NaturalHair Product Review: Butter Love

Nickie March 24, 2014 No Comments
#NaturalHair Product Review: Butter Love

What can I say…

I absolutely love Karen’s Body Beautiful’s Butter Love, a shea butter product for natural hair and even relaxed hair.

I have been using the product for approximately 9 months. In fact, I just finished my jar.  Butter Love is the perfect consistency  (not too thick or grainy).  I applied it to my hair and scalp as needed.  What I mean by as needed is, unlike other shea butter products, I did not have to constantly reapply the product.  Butter Love actually kept my hair moisturized for a few days which is rare because my hair is a 4B in texture and tends to be dry. As a result, hair breakage has been minimal, and I can appreciate my hair growth almost a year later.

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